We are a retail innovation company on a mission to democratise data intelligence. We provide data science solutions and digital tools that deliver quantifiable insights and actionable recommendations with direct and sustainable impact on retailer’s key metrics.

Seeplus – A Retail SaaS solution, available on a variety of digital channels, designed to surface real time actionable insights that empower your staff to deliver true Customer Centric experiences. Our Staff Empowerment solution is fast to deploy, easy to use and help retailers in three key areas:

– Sales Performance Enhancement – Empower your staff with their own sales target

– Customer Experience Optimisation – Create a customer-centric store environment to boost your sales

– Advanced Planning & Scheduling – Schedule faster and smarter while optimising staff’s working hours

Seeplus enable retailers to recover lost sales, enhance customer engagement and deliver operational excellence with the power of AI running on next-gen devices. Using our staff empowerment solution, our retail partners have improved their performance, increasing basket size, conversion rate and customer lifetime value.


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